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Are you collaborative?


Absolutely. Indeed, to ensure our efforts stimulate your success, we work closely throughout the process with you, establishing rapport by ascertaining needs, culture, sore spots, and key performance indicators before our work begins. 

Do you have knowledge of our industry?


Our clients bring industry expertise and knowledge to the table, we provide a safe environment to facilitate creative thinking, build team synergy, develop self-awareness, and determine key performance indicators and measurements.

Following an agreed upon scope of work, we provide a set timeline and description of all deliverables, adjusting as needed to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. All scheduling can be completed directly through our website, with calendar requests established for all contact (by phone, online, or in person), with consistent "touch base" communications throughout.

What do you think is the biggest change that has happened

in (consultant's sphere of knowledge) the last year?


Quickly getting up to speed in providing methods and means to navigate the daily challenges the pandemic creates, as well as on point facilitation of ideas and opportunities to build more future-ready, sustainable teams and organizations.

Can you guarantee success? 


Can you tell me about your process for going about work? 


To help facilitate favorable outcomes, we will ascertain the answer to "What determines your success," from the get go. We'll provide the tools and methods to get there, though, overall success depends largely upon the degree of team engagement and implementation of the methods, tools, perspectives, goals, measurements, and plans developed throughout the process.

What is your payment structure?


Tailored to meet your needs, we will work with you to design the most cost effective program for your organization.

Will you sign a letter of confidentiality?



Why should we hire you over other consultants?


Individuals driven to be more than they are, teams driven to deliver greater performances, they all have "ganas." A Spanish word, translated into English "ganas" is courage, heart, desire, passion, purpose, fire, drive-all together, at once. Intrinsic, "ganas" isn't something you teach, it's something to be found, revealed, developed. Looking for a quick fix? We're not a good fit for you. Real, sustainable change and improvement takes time. "Ganas" seekers, we're about taking that time to find what inspires each unique individual, driving their performance by igniting possibilities from within.

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