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Do you have an employee who dislikes meetings, or is frustrated by new technology? Another who prefers paper copy, yet another who’s eyes are glazed over when talking to them? Currently, there are four generations in the workplace: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y/Millennials, and Generation Z. By examining the historical events and life experiences shaping each generation's working styles and values, this session connects the dots, facilitating an understanding why we prefer things the way we do. 


Stifled over a broken process? Confused on how to redesign a method that no longer works? Unsure how to begin prioritizing projects? This constantly changing world requires a flexibility to bend under new internal and external challenges on the daily. BPI 101 provides your team meaningful tools to ascertain the weak points, create adjustments, and execute the new process, efficiently advancing innovation while improving the effectiveness of expected outcomes. Added bonus? Each tool is designed to improve employee engagement as well. 


Transformational vs Transactional Leadership Discovering why both are necessary, understanding the merits of each, and learning the importance of balancing both to achieve and exceed expected outcomes. Emotional Intelligence Leaders whom connect with a “humanity-conscious” style of emotional awareness nurture a greater respect, provide an appreciated sense of care, and create a culture of empowerment that feels safe and supported. Honing in on self-awareness and self-confidence, this session will teach the leader how to filter less than positive re-actions through more a more positive active presence. Creating a Shared Vision Do your objectives match with your team’s efforts? Do they know what they’re working towards? How is success measured? Aligning your vision with your team’s talents creates a sense of purpose, fosters engagement, and provides direction. In this session, leaders will learn the tenets of strategic management (setting of goals, procedures, mission, vision, values, and accountability measures). 

Building confidence through competency, the following trainings provide globally utilized tools to improve organizational processes, performance, and leadership effectiveness.


Given the status of today’s economic climate, stress levels are high and customer service dynamics have drastically changed. “DEFUSE: Cooling the Angry Customer” addresses the less than positive behaviors the public sector faces on a daily basis, and provides the tools and mindsets to equip all employees faced with conflict. 
With an approach that capitalizes on our own viewpoints and perspectives, rather than focusing on the client, this session humanizes the natural responses and tendencies elicited during stressful situations and flips them into benign and even positive interactions.

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